CIC Lecture: Paper Based Point of Need (PON) Spectro-electrochemical Smartphone Based Sensors for Citizen Chemical Sensing Analytics

Place: CCIS L1-140  Chemistry Department U of A

Date: Sept 27th

Time: 6 PM        CIC executive meeting
           6:30 PM   Networking (light refreshments)

           7 PM         Lecture by Dr. Samuel Mugo

Paper Based Point of Need (PON) Spectro-electrochemical Smartphone Based Sensors for Citizen Chemical Sensing Analytics


Our research group is focused on developing printed paper-based point of need (PON) colorimetric and electrochemical sensors for real-time wireless monitoring of water and soil nutrients for precision agriculture, as well as stress metabolites sweat analytics for mental health assessment in humans. Fabricated by layer by layer (LbL) integration of analyte selective biomimetic molecular receptors and transduction on a smartphone, in this presentation we will demonstrate our multi-architecture sensors for in-situ multiplex colorimetric and electrochemical detection of soil quality indicators namely, redox potential, pH, cation exchange, phosphates and nitrites; as well as lactic acid, adrenaline, cortisol, and adrenaline, detection in human sweat. Our embedded multiplex sensors are aimed to be enabling proactive diagnostics technology for realization of environmental, social, and economic aspects that align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SGDs), particularly sustainable smart agriculture, climate change, food security, environmental conservation, and in general, equity in global societies wellbeing.


Dr. Samuel Mugo holds a PhD (Analytical Chemistry) and postdoctoral training from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Queen’s University, respectively. Mugo is currently a professor in the Department of Physical Sciences, teaching courses in analytical chemistry and industrial chemistry internship. Dr. Mugo’s collaborative interdisciplinary research program which engages MacEwan undergraduate students as knowledge co-creators is focused on developing point-of-need (PON) diagnostic chemical sensors for agri-food, environmental, mental health &wellness monitoring. Mugo is passionate on collaboratively developing knowledge translation
ecosystems between the academy and industries and communities, locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Mugo is currently the Associate Dean, Development, in the Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS).