Café CIC 2017: The chemistry of cheese

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Café CIC
Cheeses of the World: – Une soirée à la fromagerie
Cheese tastings throughout the evening

Students $10, CIC members $15, non-members $20 (includes a glass of wine)

Enjoy an evening of cheese and chemistry with
Speaker Dr. Paul Jelen, professor of Food Science & Dairy Technology, U of A

Where: Concordia University
When: March 15th – Cocktails at 6:00pm, the event from 6:30pm to 9:00pm includes:

A chance to find out how and why so many cheese varieties can be made from one single raw material
– milk, nature’s most perfect food. The principles of conversion of milk to curd will be briefly illustrated, and the most
important aspects of the manufacturing and especially ripening phases will be discussed. Emphasis of cheese tasting
will be on illustrating the contrasting tastes and textures of various cheese varieties, with as much emphasis on
Canadian cheeses as possible. The sequence will be from the mildest (young cheddar)through more and more
“culture – ripened” cheeses (Gouda, Havarti), to “adjunct-ripening” (Emmentaler), to”stretching and lipase effect”
(Cacciocavallo, Mozzarella), to bacterial surface ripening (Oka or Limburger), to mold ripening (Camembert type,
Stilton type, combination) and finishing with very old (3 to 4 year) cheddar.