February Lecture: Prof. Sarah A Styler on Dusty Skies and Dirty Buildings

February 24 at 6:00 pm we will be hosting Professor Sarah A Styler of the University of Alberta Department of Chemistry for a talk on her atmospheric chemistry research. All are welcome to attend the talk. If you’re curious to learn more about Prof. Sarah A Styler, check out her website: https://uofa.ualberta.ca/chemistry/faculty-and-staff/people/sarah-styler

Location: E3-25 Gunning/Lemieux Chemistry Centre, University of Alberta

Date: Tuesday, 24 February 2016

Time: 6:00 pm (refreshments provided)

Title: “Dusty Skies and Dirty Buildings: Adventures in Atmospheric Photochemistry”


Over a billion tons of photoactive dust are released into the atmosphere every year from deserts and other arid environments. After emission, this dust undergoes transport to distant urban regions, where it can mix with local pollution sources and settle on building surfaces, which are themselves potential substrates for photochemistry. Although studies have shown that reactions on environmental surfaces can influence the lifetime of surface-sorbed pollutants and the atmospheric abundance of reactive trace gases, our understanding of photochemistry on dust and urban surfaces is far from complete. In this seminar, I will outline our group’s approach to studying these complex systems, and highlight some of our recent discoveries.