As part of its mandate to publicize and promote the importance and relevance of Chemistry in
every-day life, the Edmonton CIC Local Section runs a full programme of talks, lectures, field
trips, and other events throughout the year. In addition to this, the Section is able to provide
limited financial sponsorship to students and young people involved in Chemistry. This
sponsorship is possible thanks to a very successful CSC Conference in Edmonton in 2008 where
the surplus was made available for purposes such as this.

Sponsorship can be for a variety of purposes: for example, to assist with expenses for an
individual making a presentation at a conference; to the organizers of a conference or meeting
where students will be involved; to a group of individuals who together plan to attend a
conference; to an organization to finance a prize for chemical work; to the planners of a
congress for chemistry students. Particular emphasis is given to supporting undergraduates
and students in pre-tertiary education programmes. In order to share the monetary benefits as
widely as possible, applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and evaluated in
light of what other sources of funding are available. Approval is not automatic, and it is
unlikely that any individual award will be sufficient to cover all costs anticipated. It is
expected that a brief report will be submitted after the event, to allow the Section to
evaluate whether the funds were well spent.

Application Process
Send an application by e-mail to the Executive Committee (, providing
the following information:
Name of applicant (individual or group)
Programme and year of study
Purpose of grant being sought
Who else will benefit (if any beyond applicant)
A detailed budget for all expenses anticipated
A listing of other sources of funding available (plus those already secured)