2012/2013 Events (Past)

  • 2012.09.26 Quantiam Technologies tour
  • 2012.10.13-21 National Chemistry Week
  • 2012.10.16 ChemFest at Telus World of Science
  • 2012.11.22 Prof. Kazuyuki Tatsumi (Nagoya Univ., Japan): “Chemistry of Oxidoreductases: Learning from Nature for our Future Sustainable Society”
  • 2013.02.07 Prof. Steve Bergens (UAlberta): “Green Chemistry – New Methods to Eliminate Industrial Waste in Pharmaceutical Synthesis: Efficient Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chiral Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis”
  • 2013.03.13 Prof. Charles Lucy (UAlberta): “Colour, Catalysis, and Cola”
  • 2013.03.25 UofA Student Night
  • 2013.04.05 National Institute of Nanotechnology tour
  • 2013.04.06 Edmonton Regional Science Fair (NAIT)
  • 2013.04.26 Cafe CIC: “The Science and Manufacturing of Ice Cream”, with Prof. Paul Jelen (UAlberta), Brian Miller (Safeway), & Prof. David Everett (Univ. of Otago).
  • 2013.05.11 Science Rendezvous at Telus World of Science
  • 2013.05.26-30 Environmental Chemistry Student Networking Event at CSC Conference (Quebec City)
  • 2013.06.05 Annual General Meeting at the Faculty Club, UAlberta
  • 2013.06.05 Prof. David Bundle (UAlberta): “The Chemistry of Vaccines against Major Microbial Pathogens”

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