The Science of Breaking Bad

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Presented by Jonathan Withey, Associate Professor, Chemistry MacEwan University

Date:  Thu, Nov. 21st 2013
Start:  6:00 PM networking (coffee and juice) 7:00 p.m. (lecture)
Location: Room 5-142 (CN Theatre) Grant MacEwan University, City Centre Campus 

“The chemistry must be respected”

Walter White is a brilliant research chemist who has to leave his work and take up teaching chemistry in a high school. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he turns his skills to methamphetamine production in collaboration with former pupil Jesse Pinkman. Together, they produce unusually pure methamphetamine, with a characteristic delicate blue colour. But what of the real science behind Breaking Bad? From methamphetamine to ricin, and hydrofluoric acid to fulminate of mercury, this presentation will discuss the scientific accuracy of the hit TV show. Spoiler warning: multiple plot details will be revealed in this presentation!

About the presenter

Jonathan Withey is an organic chemist, who has been at faculty member at MacEwan University since 2004. Despite the challenges of scrambling over the obstacles of life, he has never resorted to using crystal meth

-RSVP (so we have enough refreshments)-limited to 100 people so register early
-Feel free to wear your Breaking Bad attire – will make an interesting photo for national chemistry magazine
-If you are so inclined, bring some Breaking Bad food to share
(Lucio will be bringing some breaking bad muffins-maybe even some Breaking Bad blue meth(sugar crystals)
-Tell your friends, especially students who are interested in the show and chemistry